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Also in your instructions it says you'll uplock the next map, I'm not sure if that is purposeful, but if not I'm pointing it out.

How do you collect gas so I can progress, tho I do find it fun just to run around shooting Zombos. 


Hey there, Thank you so much for making a request, I apologize that it took so long to get to.

Thank you this game is alot of fun keep updating!!

Thanks a lot for playing.

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its says there was an error when i try to launch but this game looks sooo much fun

What OS is your computer running on. What exactly does the error say when you try to launch?

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it says that an error occured and thats it (os version 10.11.6)

it also says no executables were found

Thanks for all the support on my first game. Make sure to leave suggestions so i can keep bringing fresh updates

Is it even possible to get the gas can?


In the newest update it is a lot easier to find it.

This better allow me to drive vehicles

I do enjoy the game, but my computer does not have the internal requirements to be able to record it.

Thats okay. Thanks for playing (:

Hey! I like the cool buildings and how there seems to be different missions to accomplish.
I think you need more visual feedback, to make the gunfights feel good. Shots could have visual cues to go along with the sfx and the zombies could react to being shot, and become a dead body after they are killed.

If you haven't yet I recommend these 2 talks on the subject:

A bug I found is that when you die and go to the character select screen, the cursor doesn't show up.

Good luck with the game!

Gameplay Video: